fitness & cardio
 Looking to work off those holiday pounds? Consider cardio secondary.

Running has a significant eccentric component.most talented and committed trainersmost talented and committed trainers.
personal training
We use reality, not algorithms, to match you to a trainer. Your goals, fitness level.

proven process.Throughout your experience, you’ll get roadmaps that bring results
our packages are based on age,Gender and for students. 3 & 6 month packages available.

Pay as you go available. affordable price for everyone. call /visit us for more details.
welcome to gforce gym
Our personal trainers are certified professionals who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. If you are new to exercise or having trouble staying fit, you need a personal trainer. Our goal is to get you exercising regularly and obtain results you want
lets get fit - get trained


Are you tired of overcrowded fitness centres with horribly impersonal service?

Are you frustrated of gyms full of broken equipment? Equipment that goes weeks on end without being fixed? Gyms that, obviously are more concerned about making money than ensuring member satisfaction.

Are you sick of paying exorbitant fees for services you never use? All those extra, supposedly "free" member benefits: Saunas, Steam Rooms, exclusive lounges to sit n sip your cocktail, all adding up to a huge monthly fee.

. You want results.
. You want that body you've always dreamed of having.
. You want an affordable and comfortable gym full of fitness fanatics like you.
. You want knowledgeable and experienced staff to support you throughout your fitness journey, without having to pay an arm and a leg in member fees.
. You want A GYM where you can quickly run in and out for a workout.

If you want all this then GForce is the gym for you!!

extra benefits
free wifi available for everyone
changing rooms for men and women
sarau available and no air conditioning in gym.
shower available for men and women
sport suppliments discount
free protien blending for everyone
relaxing area when you tired
50% off

on registration fee when you sign up for minimum 3 months

free fitness consultations
members discount
on sports suppliments , gloves & belts

cardio entertinement
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